fashion week


Personal Hygiene And A Checklist

With the weeks leading to the new year, we will be focusing on things like personal hygiene, fitness, etc., which are important to any one in or interested in starting up a  career in fashion. With fashion week season coming to an end, you should know your work is based on you and your appearance, […]

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Lagos Fashion Week 2019 is Officially Over And Here Are 114 Backstage Moment Photographed By ‘Ikenna Ideh’

Being behind the scenes of fashion shows, seeing how it all come together is quiet fascinating! and of course, despite the madhouse atmosphere, models are trying to have fun, you’re sure to see some wacky faces, some fiercely glam looks, and some unforgettable photo-bombs. These backstage pictures, photographed by Ikennah Ideh from the recently concluded […]

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