Nigeria Street Wear Brand; Just Icon Releases New Collection Titled “PRESSURE 20-20”

“Young, wild designer encapsulates creativity in a black box.”
Creativity is the cornerstone of success in today’s economy. However, breakthrough ideas hatch overnight –or maybe not. While creatives need to be artistically stimulated, stimulus is not 1-
dimnesional and can be birthed from the unlikeliest of places.
Like most creatives, Lagos based designer Emmanuel Goodnews of budding Nigerian street wear label Just Icon, found himself in the tragic mix of the crisis that came with the Covid-19 pandemic.
Fighting the clock and using that pressure as a management technique, spurred great leaps of insights for him to stay safe, calm and productive.
Creativity is such a superpower. Every single one of us
is creative – to some degree and being able to transcend traditional ideas, come up with new rules, interpretations, and ways of doing things is enliving!” – Emmanuel Goodnews (Creative
Director, Just Icon).

“It’s been a scary time these past few months
and I am driven by the desire to create.
From start to finish, the 6–piece capsule collection titled “Pressure 20-20”
more than an assemblage of aesthetically pleasing, hyper pigmented, pervasive shots. “ I like to think of pressure as a pathway which allows for creativity to flow. depends on how you perceive it.
With this collection, I’m communicating the message that it is okay to feel burnt out, overwhelmed and pressured. The primary thing is
that you find the inspiration to get out of your comfort zone, discover your purpose and score points.” Focuses on fabric construction; delivering key street-style inspired looks, without the styling and theatrics of a
show. It is the relationship between stress and creativity is not entirely a toxic one. It solely Oftentimes, pressure comes because there’s not enough time but that can be a blessing in disguise. When there’s no time, you can’t over think things, you can’t procrastinate or allow for others to meddle and water it down.

Beyond inspiration culled from his challenges as a creative, a consciousness is paid to the role of his environment, Lagos, as is the germane to the core of the brand –previous collections Sabí and Awâlá are testament to this. “Lagos is a paradise for Nigerian hustlers. It is a land of business and job opportunities -a profitable and lucrative chaos which highlights the paradox of living in the city. It was built from blood and sweat, and raw ambition. That is the Lagos I grew up to see and that is the Lagos that inspires Just Icon.”

Emmanuel offers a tasty color palette of yellow, green, blue with his choice of fabrics being raw cotton, crepe, squadron, and adire, a reference to his stance on building Just Icon into a socially conscious brand in Nigeria. The foundations for Just Icon are of urban, interchangeably versatile, sartorial pieces that fall in line with a sporty, yet high-end element.

Photography: Aremu Ifeoluwa Cinematographer: Umezina Adebola Textile Designer: Rita McDonald Model: David Adole
Creative Direction/Styling: Emmanuel Goodnews Styling Assistant: Tolani Azeez
Set Assistant: Justin Chukwunyere

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