They are 4 types of modelling, namely


Modelling is a bit easier when you determine your modeling area, which can be done by a mix of “genetics and personality”, look at your talents and interest,  be realistic when setting your goals your willingness to determine your kind of modelling depends on this, although many wants to be a fashion/runway model but remember when you play at your strength you have better chances at succeeding, its harsh to hear without any fault of your own you can’t live your dream, they’re sometimes exception that’s where personality comes in form of determination, modelling is divided into categories with very specific physic or skills very few people can do all the modeling though an individual can fit across various types, the great thing about modelling is that anyone can succeed it’s all about concentrating your strong point and grit to the area of the industry that admit the assets you bring particularly if you want the unsurpassed chance to make a living in modelling, with all this being said it’s important to determine your model area when trying to get signed, which after reading this article you should be able to reach a decision

on our next post we’ll analyze the types of modelling.

Photographed by chuchuojekwe
Heineken Lagos fashion week
Photographer Adebayo jolaoso wasiu
Model Jennifer Ndukwe/ omoh
Stylist Thestyleinfidel
Brand Marte Egele
Photographer Michhele Cote
Model Bola Edun
Agency few model management
Makeup phoebe Walters
Hair by James Oxley
Stylist Abisoye Odungbesan

Photographer Greg Adamski
Agency star model Africa
Model Blessing John Asiko
Stylist Camilla Fitz Patrick
Hair sofie begtrup

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