It’s not news again that Lagos is the fashion capital of Nigeria, it is the New York of America and the Paris of France. You can be anything in Lagos, if you want to become a professional model you want to consider living and building your career in Lagos as a thriving model.


Modelling is not all about the glamour. To thrive within and outside the creative industries takes a lot of discipline, hard work and acceptance of responsibility. The slogan “I am ready for this and there’s no messing around” should be every aspiring model’s watchword. You must be ready to go broke for days to getting gigs, and even take on free jobs. Consistency is key. It’s your currency. To increase your chances of securing more modelling opportunities, you might need to get on some side jobs for sustainability purposes.

Getting The Right Pay

It’s also not a news that Models here in Nigeria get payed per day, per show or shoot. Some models don’t get booked in months! Imagine spending your time and money on castings, networking gigs with irregular cash inflow from the nothing-to-write-about remunerations? It can be frustrating! But like every other entrepreneur or business expert out there, you don’t stop investing in yourself. It is a process.

I remember when I decided to go into modelling, I thought so much about the possibility of me being rich and famous, telling my mom how much a model can earn even without a degree. omg… I was high on excitement. Honey, I hate to break it to you it doesn’t work that way it never did not for anyone. Models are paid based on knowledge and experience.

Looking Good and Eating Well

It is okay to eat well, have a clean healthy lifestyle, maintain a good body posture all the time.
Let me share a short story with you. About 2 years ago, I was on one of those very long ATM queues on a Saturday morning with my sister to withdraw some cash. Shortly after a few hours “no service” at the ATM gallery around your vicinity and under a very unapologetic scorching sun, I collapsed! I fainted, convulsed and got carried to the side by my sister and some bystanders. It was dramatics! Let’s save the full gist for another day. Later that day my doctor said I had a low sugar count and a terrible eating disorder caused by a culmination of several years of starvation. I wanted to stay skinny for jobs – to get a good management, but unfortunately, I was killing myself. I remember going for castings and gazing at skinny girls. I would feel like “hey, Lade, you’re not skinny enough!!”

Dear Models, please do not starve yourself modeling is stressful enough. In nearest future, we’ll address the issue of health and lifestyle for models.

Client’s time, Models time!

Everyone likes the idea of showing up at work as it pleases them. In this business, it’s advisable you get in there before call time! No director, client or management wants you showing up later for your shoot or casting. Time management is key. Everyone takes you seriously when you’re on time. Be professional!


I remember in my early years of job hunting, I will send phone-quality pictures to clients. I lost a couple of gigs due to negligence. New models often make this common mistake of taking beauty/fashion shoot rather focusing on Polaroid, I can’t stress enough about the importance of Polaroid to a model’s career. As a new model, I will advise you take your time for proper professional photoshoots. Concentrate less on Instagram beauty shoot. Your Polaroid is likely to book you jobs or get you scouted more than your photoshopped Instagram pictures and selfies. Agents, photographers or casting directors wants to see your natural beauty, curves, cheek bones, shoulders, legs etc. All those significant things that makes you unique elements to help you get that deal!

Let my stories inspire you inside-out.

Have a question or two? Drop your them below, I’d be glad to respond to them. Have a beautiful week!


Model: Larry Hector 


Model: Nancy Keshy


  1. Nice write ups, this is really inspiring and informative…… My question is even if you’re have all of this how do you get agents that will hire your for shoots, cos I heard most of this directors are fond of wanting to sleep with the lady before they can accept her.
    And then second question is can you help me to be a model as in connect me. Please I will be awaiting your reSpongebob!

  2. Hi Oladosu Damilola,
    Agent don’t hire for shoots, clients hire you for modelling jobs that involves shooting, walking the runway etc … A, modelling Agency manages your career as a model,please be weary of any agency, Booker, photographer or client asking for sex in return for a job “scam Alert”.. Lastly, shortcut barely gets you anywhere in this industry, you need to invest in yourself, invest in personal growth, build a relationship with other models, look for a model (Mentor), learn about the industry you’re going into, do not be too eager to make money.
    Models Talk is here for you, Please stay in touch.
    Thank you.

  3. OK I understand your point, thanks….. But how can I invest on myself or what can I do to impress myself.
    And also is there a way modeltalk.ng can link me to any???

    1. Hi Oladosu ,
      You invest in Yourself by getting properly educated on all thing modelling, network with other models and always go for casting. Do not be too desperate.

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