Personal Hygiene And A Checklist

With the weeks leading to the new year, we will be focusing on things like personal hygiene, fitness, etc., which are important to any one in or interested in starting up a  career in fashion. With fashion week season coming to an end, you should know your work is based on you and your appearance, and what better way would it be than working on the things leading to you having an amazing time every moment you step on the scene.

Have you ever arrived at a casting and in the midst of other models you noticed an odd smell – body odour? Do you sometimes wish you didn’t forget something as important as brushing your teeth because you were rushing to get out of your house? We’ve all been there. You can lose your shot at a job because of poor hygiene. The modelling industry is all about glitz and glamour and good hygiene plays an important part in your career. Here’s what you do – create a checklist of all the important preparatory hygiene activities and tick them off as you set out to work.

Body odour happens at puberty because of increasing hormones called androgens. These hormones are not active until puberty which is why body odour isn’t common with kids. When you go out for a casting call, you don’t want to lose your confidence because you feel something about you is off. Imagine this – you’ve had your bath, taken care of your armpit hair and in general, done all the right routines. Imagine how much confidence you would have if you didn’t have to worry about body odour or bad breath. This is why a checklist is important.

Here are a few things you might want to include on your checklist:

1. Have a shower at least twice a day (morning and night). The Nigerian weather can get really hot so it’s important to clean up regularly especially if you sweat a lot.

2. Brush your teeth regularly at least twice a day (morning and night) and stay away from garlic or spicy foods that might cause bad breath or body odour.

3. Shaving your armpits regularly will help reduce sweat. It’s very important to keep your underarms dry, bacteria have a hard time breathing in dry areas.

4. Apply antiperspirant every night before bedtime and in the morning. Although, if you apply antiperspirants in the morning after a shower, the sweat you accumulate during the day would wash away the product and might leave you defenceless.

5. Moisturise your skin properly.

6. Wash your hair and tidy it up when necessary.

7. Put some perfume on.

8. Always go out with a handkerchief to clean sweat when necessary.

These are a few things that are worth being on your checklist. You can always add more as required. The good thing is you can write this down on your phone and go through them every time you need to go out or any time you have a go-see or have them written in a book to be sure you’re good to go.

Here is a sample of what your checklist could look like. 

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