Making a living out of modelling can be great and fulfilling, but building up a successful career, can be a bit of a tough process. Don’t let Rejection derail your modeling career! This is something no one tells you before getting into modeling, Being a good model isn’t just about “good looks” or “Amazing Genetics.” There are a lot of beautiful people in the world. If you’re serious about getting into modeling, it’s important to build “a resilience personality.”

The modeling industry can be a daunting place to try to make a living especially when all you get from castings and open calls is  “No”. Rejection is tough and unavoidable in the modeling world, the earlier you realize it is not a bad thing the better. Rejection is nothing personal to you as a model, New Models are constantly at risk of being told no, This is something you’ll have to prepare yourself for if you want to be a model because you are not the only one trying really hard to make a living off modeling. For every modeling job out there, there are thousands of models trying to get it.  Unfortunately, everyone cannot be the Most Valuable Player on the team. Sadly modeling is about superficial characteristics: like your figure, your hair color, your bright eyes, your small nose, your symmetrical face etc… Although these qualities alone will not make you a supermodel, therefore, Personality plays a part. The genetic lottery and consistency will make you a supermodel.The modeling industry is a very shallow industry and furthermore, rejection is inevitable. But that is only a problem for those who don’t know how to deal with it. The iconic supermodel Oluchi Orlandi with the height and the conventional modeling figure was turned down severally.  With a positive attitude, Over time no will turn into yes. Here are four tips for handling rejection and becoming a better model.

  • Stay focused

Try to forget about every audition after it’s over. As You walk out the door don’t think about it again unless you get a call from your agent saying you’ve booked it.

  • Never take rejection personally

There will be bumps along the way. And rejection, even Naomi Campbell use to lose jobs to Tyra Banks so does Tyra, it’s part of the walk, you can’t escape rejection in any career path, There will be bumps along the way. You’ll be told “No”.. you can’t be a model, or you can’t ever walk the runway! “You’re too short to be a model”. It’s not always easy hearing those things said to your face but remember, Rejection doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough; sometimes it could mean the other person failed to notice what you have to offer, no matter how ridiculously good looking you are there will always be let-downs and rejection. for every project, clients and casting directors already have a project plan that involves the size, height and looks expected etc .. sometimes you are not selected because you just are not the person they had in mind for the job, and it isn’t much you can do about it.

  • Be comfortable with who you are.

When you’re comfortable in who you are peoples perspective of you won’t break you, as a model, you have little control over how much you will work. After rejection, Most people take a break from putting themselves out there. The problem with that is, while you are busy recovering from rejection, other models are busy going for castings and booked for the jobs you want and you’d probably be perfect for! the longer you avoid getting back out there, the harder it’s going to be when you do. You have a lot more to offer, Remember that you don’t have to fix your feelings right away, don’t feel guilty for feeling bad or fault yourself if you aren’t seeing rainbows and unicorns after every casting call,Just because a modeling agency, photographer, casting director or client doesn’t like your look for a specific job/project doesn’t mean that you aren’t perfect for the next one.

  • Relax  

If you can afford to go somewhere relaxing after bad casting day you should, go with other models or friends, talk and laugh about it, Being able to laugh at yourself is a sign of resiliency, It’s one thing to find humor in particular situations, it’s another to be reflective and self-aware enough to laugh at oneself, Laughing at yourself—and doing it often—is a means of taking back your power.When you laugh at yourself, You radiate positivity and grow a thicker skin.

stay determined, and ask yourself  What will you be capable of once your greatest fear is behind you? Do all this and you will be more than fine.


  1. Lovely, and helpful. But how many agencies actually sign 5″ 7 cause we are the most frustrated at least that’s how i see it.

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