If for anything, I will like to address these burning industry-related questions this week. Can a question ever be wrong?

I often get to hear aspiring models ask these questions. “I want to be a model how do I get jobs? For starters, you shouldn’t be concerned about how to get jobs, rather, your question should be “how do I become a model”. Firstly, you need to do your research on the word “modelling” to gather the right information. Modelling like any other profession entails style design, structure, unique processes, knowledge-based system etc. You can’t go for an interview without proper understanding of your prospective job.

Don’t be deceived thinking it’s an easy job, yes modelling is fun and booming but hey there’s also a whole lot of work and conscious effort that must be infused into your workflow or hustle as we call it here. You must want it – to make it work.

Here are some information I would like to share with you on becoming a model. As a model you need a beautiful skin, nice smile, good teeth, healthy hair and great legs etc. The modelling industry is vast accommodating to almost anybody type. There is this myth about all models being tall and skinny. Truth is, it’s not in all cases, it depends on the kind of modelling job, client’s preference and a whole lot of elements involved. If you’re aiming for a commercial, you are preferably needed to look like an everyday person not fashionably fierce.

A quote to go with this week, If you can dream it, you can do it.

Have a beautiful week.


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