Most up and coming models do not understand the function of a modeling agency, Modeling agencies represent and “sell” models to potential clients, It’s very important to know modeling really takes time, it can be a very daunting task. As a model, You are actually a “product” that the agency has the responsibility to market/sell by connecting you with paying modeling jobs. having agency representation doesn’t necessarily mean you’re welcome to wealth and success, well except a tip of the industry spotlight which is mostly magnified, The advantage of signing with a boutique (small) agency is this, in a small agency  it’s easier to get signed also they tend to make your growth their project unlike large agency with a lot of models/supermodels on their books, Large agencies have many faces only 5-10% of a thousand faces get regular bookings although that 5-10 % paid their dues in one way or the other at a particular level of their career. Ever wonder why you see the same faces from the same agency on different jobs! these models are agencies trusted models that  “delivers” although it seems unfair, as a newcomer the assurance to get jobs are really low especially when signed to a large agency. in a smaller and active agency models don’t get or feel lost its always very advisable for aspiring models to go in an active and growing agency in the early days of your career to enable growth, very few of the models from large agencies are ever actually working large agency focus their efforts on models making them money. Large agencies with many models on their register have an endless stream of clients knocking on their doorstep, but that also means there’s more competition between the models. As a new model, you might not get the personal attention you need to further your career some smaller and effective agencies offer an excellent alternative for a beginner.

In a nutshell! The Smaller and active agency helps you grow. Signing with the right agency can be beneficial to your career, signing with an agency help you appear more legitimate as a model, but it will also provide opportunities that might not be available to you as a freelance/up-coming model, Agencies are provided with access to casting calls, that do not exist anywhere else.


  1. I guess this is true but with the rise of scammers everywhere;how does one get to meet with the right agency? Am an aspiring model abd have met few of these. Please,I need your reply thank you

  2. Am intrested in signing,but i don’t kw how to apply to this agency,i have also tried in some few ones i kw but it did not work instead they eat your money pls i need a reply thks

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