Modeling can be daunting most especially for freelance and new models. It goes way beyond ‘I have the look’,  ‘I have the walk’, ‘i have the drive’. It takes more than beauty, to be a professional model, it’s about consciously doing the right thing every day, that would help move your career in the right direction and hopefully land you those modeling gigs.

You need all the exposure you can get to move up the ladder in the modeling industry. Below are tips that you must follow to break into the modeling industry and kickstart your modeling career. I hope you find this helpful as a new model or a freelance model, Keep in mind that working as a freelance model will mean that you are in charge of your own booking, development, and negotiation. So here goes.

  1. Always make sure to know casting details before attendance.

The world of modeling adhere to strict height, weight, and measurement criteria, it is important to have a clear understanding of your own physical attributes Since most modeling jobs have particular types of models in mind before fixing castings. it’s always good to know your statistics this way you can pinpoint which modeling jobs are right for you. Options for modeling jobs could fall into the following; Types of modeling: Runway Modeling Editorial/Commercial Modeling
Plus Size Modeling
If a casting director needs a size 2 Runway models and you have the genetics of a plus-size model, attending such casting is a waste of time for both you and the casting director, it could also show your lack of attention to details. Do not invest your time in chasing the wrong jobs.

2 . Build a portfolio

Every model needs a portfolio (a set of professional pictures made into a book). Your modeling portfolio is essentially your resume. It should have everything you need to make a good impression and showcase what you can do, create a portfolio with a variety of images to show your versatility. To build a portfolio it’s best to work with different photographer, Find reputable photographers who specialize in model photography. Use your photographs to create an attractive portfolio to carry to go-sees and agency visit. A great portfolio is a memorable portfolio, that would make casting directors sit up and pay attention to you, in this case, every model should definitely build their modeling portfolio both digitally and physically. A web site under your own name is a marketing tool for digital portfolio, it will make you easier to find online, and you can direct potential clients to a wider variety of your work with a digital portfolio.

social media is an affordable digital portfolio , Chances are, that most agencies and clients will end up seeing your portfolio on social media before anywhere as it’s easier for more people to find you there than on a personal website, most especially Instagram which is where much of the action is. However, you should create a well-rounded modeling portfolio that showcases your strong points.

3. Network with people in the modeling industry.

Networking is a great way to meet models and people in the modeling industry who can send you information to casting call which is likely going to, lead to modeling jobs. Networking involves meeting industry people, getting to know them in a casual, conversational way, or seek mentorship from reputable fashion industry stakeholders and then asking them for suggestions and advice about how to find jobs or what to ?do to be a better model.
Always go for castings at every opportunity given, You need to get yourself out there and make yourself known. The right people need to find out you exist, or rather, you have to get yourself in front of those people and give them a reason to book you. For every online casting, when you don’t get a reply to be sure to follow up a few days later to confirm that they have received your message.

4. Maximize social media

To get hired for any job, you need to apply. Modeling jobs are no different. Curious about the best place to look for gigs? You can find modeling jobs by Following local designers and photographers on Instagram, Twitter, and even Facebook, Creatives will often announce casting calls on their social media feeds. Many photographers post casting calls for projects they are working on, These may be trade-for-print or paid modeling jobs, either way, is always advisable to apply. You should also search and add your name to credible modeling job listing sites or follow them on social media for casting details. Always do It For The ‘Gram’. Instagram has blown the modeling industry wide open, build your following, believe it or not! Someone is watching.

5. Treat modeling like a day job.

If you want to be successful as a model, you’ll need to work hard at obtaining work every day. Although the life of a model may seem glamorous. Plan to do at least one significant thing every day to further your career, whether that’s making a call or try to get noticed by a potential client, working on your portfolio, searching for jobs online or attend modeling industry events, they offer you some great networking opportunities.Practice posing and walking regularly it increases your chances of getting booked, Modeling is an art. What separates you from other models is going to be your ability to pose and walk.

6. Make yourself constantly look better

I can’t stress this enough, Take care of your skin, hair, body, and health. Like it or not, modeling is an aesthetically-driven industry, and beauty/appearance is undeniably important.

Now that you’ve got the basics, come out of your comfort zone, it’s time to get started. Remember every casting is an opportunity for another invitation for a casting call, that could lead to a booking. Learn to accept rejection with grace it’s good for your growth.

” Treat every modeling job as an opportunity to build relationships and boost your career”.


  1. I agree with maintaining a good social network like Facebook, especially Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest. Another, I would like to suggest to be a successful model we need also to spread out as a model offline.

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